Two Year Old Pre-School
5 days $250 $225 $200
4 days $225 $203 $180
3 days $188 $169 $150
2 days $133 $119 $106
1 day $88 $79 $70

Enrollment Fee: $50 per family ($25 non-refundable; $25 applied to last week of childcare provided a two week notice of withdrawal is given)

Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack: Included in all programs when children are present at mealtime. Breakfast at 9am; Lunch at Noon; Afternoon snack at 3 pm.

Late Payment Charges: Weekly rates are due in advance on Friday morning for the upcoming week. There will be a $10 late fee charged for payments received after 5:30pm on Friday.

Late Pick Up Fee: $1 per minute before 7:30am/after 5:30pm

Sibling Discount: 10% off weekly rate of oldest child (ages 3-5) if younger sibling is under three years old. Discount applies only for children who attend full-time. No discounts for school-age children.

Vacation Policy: 50% discount given if your child misses a full week (Monday-Friday) provided two weeks' notice is given. Payment is due in advance. Only two weeks per calendar year can be discounted.

Drop In Care: Infant/Toddler (6wks-24mos)- $10/hour*
Two Years Old- $9/hour*
Pre-School (3yrs - 5yrs)- $8/hour*
*5 hour minimum per day